Flower Angel

Come here my friend, grab my hand,

Let’s waltz through a meadow of wildflowers together,

Tall grasses and wildflowers join in our dance,

Picking the perfect flower to place in your hair,

You the same to mine,

Sunshine radiates our beautiful souls,

Flower Angels we are…


Skipping hand in hand so innocent and child-like,

Thinking nothing, euphoria takes over,

Giggling, laughing and skipping hand in hand

Flower Angels we are…


We stop and drop to the flower covered ground,

A flower angel we say.

Lying down on mother earth,

Faces to father sun,

Waving our hands across the tall grasses and flowers

A Flower Angel, a Flower Angel we gleefully shout


To our feet we go,

Hand in hand skipping through the meadow

Childlike like in our song,

Flower Angels we are…


Will you my beautiful friend be my Flower Angel…